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24-Hour Theatre Festival!

    It's that time again - The 24-Hour Theatre Festival is taking place at Pepper Theater 29 to 30 September.

    At Entity's 24-Hour Theatre Festival participants have exactly one day to create an original play, from scratch, based on a subject assigned at random. 24 hours total to write, to direct, and to rehearse the pieces - to choose music, sort out costumes and make-up, and to design the lighting.

    The Festival begins on Friday - you split into groups, find out the theme, pick a random title and get a list of rules. And, you are assigned a 1-hour rehearsal slot in the theatre. During this 1-hour slot professional help is on hand to assist with lighting and sound. The rest of the time is spent rehearsing outside of the theatre.

    On Saturday, 24-hours after the start of the festival, it is time for the performances - your group returns to perform an original 5- to 15-minute skit based on your title - in front of a live audience.
    A panel of judges appraises the plays. Meanwhile, behind the curtain, the next group is already setting the stage for their play.

    Prizes for the Best Production and Audience Award!

    We'd love to see you there - participating, watching or helping. You don’t need any experience - come alone or with friends. If you want to participate, you don't need to RSVP - just turn up - doors open 30 minutes before the start times.

    Participants must be 18 or older

    (Parental discretion advised for viewing.)

    Kick off Friday 29 September 19:30
    Doors open 19:30. Kickoff starts 20:00
    Performances Saturday 30 September 20:00
    Doors open 19:30

    PEP Einkaufs-Zentrum.
    Entrance: Door to left of Starbucks
    Thomas-Dehler-Str. 12, 81737 Munich,
    U5 Neuperlach Zentrum.

Coming Soon

    Stage Kiss by Sarah Ruhl

    Directed by Sophia Gonzalez and Em Filer
    Produced by Blair Gaulton
    Stage Kiss will be performed at Kulturzentrum GOROD, Hansastrasse 181. (U-Bahn: Harras)

    Performance dates:
    23 - 26 November
    30 November - 2 December

Entity's Workshops

    Entity hosts a series of workshops on acting and performance twice yearly. They are open to anyone with a good command of the English language, not just native speakers.

Welcome to Entity Theatre!

    Entity - that's English-language theatre at its best. Based in Munich, we have been part of local arts and cultural life for over 15 years. We welcome people from all backgrounds to join our workshops, where many of our production members have been introduced to Entity Theatre. Previous theatre experience isn't required - talent and dedication comes a long way.
    We are regularly invited to perform at FEATS (Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies), the leading theatre competition for English-speaking amateur groups in Europe.

    Learn more about us.

    Entity Theatre is also featured on the official Munich website.

Entity at FEATS

  • Numbers written by Mar Gómez Glez
    • WINNER: The BATS Trophy for Third Best Production FEATS 2017
  • The Ribbon written by Guy Las
    • WINNER: The Daw-Verulam Award for the Best Original Script FEATS 2014
    • NOMINATION: The Blackie Award for Best Actress – Kate Scholes
  • Three Nights with Madox written by Matei Visniec
    • FIRST PLACE: The Founders’ Trophy FEATS 2012
    • WINNER: The Blackie Award for Best Actress – Anne Wollstein
    • WINNER: The Blackie Award for Best Actor – Daniel Holzberg

    Do you want to act, direct, do make-up, work backstage or simply get involved?
    Just get in touch! Email Entity